MountainTRAX is led by a management team and Board of Directors with combined energy industry experience of over 150 years.

MountainTRAX’s management team has extensive energy logistics experience, including strategic planning and business development at major banks, industry-leading consulting firms and an Alerian Top 50 MLP.

Vision & Strategy

MountainTRAX is an independent, growth-oriented company that leverages the unique knowledge and depth of experience of its personnel to develop assets that resolve infrastructure bottlenecks within North America.

MountainTRAX’s strategy centers around an “analyze, identify, execute, operate” philosophy:

  • Analyze: MountainTRAX’s strategy is rooted in understanding the fundamental analytics that both predict the near- and long-term disruptions in the market, and challenge and clarify the outlook for individual projects. The company’s analytics are complemented by the extensive industry experience of its leadership team.
  • Identify: MountainTRAX uses analytics to pinpoint infrastructure bottlenecks and under-served regions that are backed by oil plays with long-term, sustainable production economics. 
  • Execute: MountainTRAX aims to be the first mover in its target markets by capitalizing on private financial backing, a lean management structure and an experienced project management team.
  • Operate: MountainTRAX is a long-term investor, leveraging an experienced operations team to run its assets safely and efficiently, and aspires to long-term working relationships with all customers and stakeholders.
 As the proud owners and operators, we want to express to you our personal, long-term commitment to not only maintaining – but enhancing – the quality and scope of reliable services and resources made available to you at the MountainTRAX facility, from truck-to-rail transloading, to development-ready land leasing at our strategically located industrial park.
In this effort, we are delighted that Trevin Hogg will be resuming his tenure at the MountainTRAX facility in his former capacity.  Trevin will remain your primary point of contact and is kindly making himself available to help address any questions that you may have surrounding this transition.
Consistent with its prior mission, MountainTRAX will continue to serve as a customer-centric business dedicated to providing creative, cost-effective transportation solutions with the flexibility and efficiency of rail, allowing customers to unlock market value and capture new market share.
We, at MountainTRAX, believe that business is built on partnerships, a core principle of ours which becomes ever more important in the current market economy.  It is our goal here to listen, learn, innovate, and customize our site and service offering around your business’ supply chain and transportation needs.  Together, we can be proactive in transforming the way we do business in helping you to grow yours.